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been forever since i've posted! sorry!!!

i'm a week away from my due date! :) kinda just waiting at this point.

but i've done some wrapping up of music stuffs... i have two albums on itunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/second-glances/id390398090 and created a radio station on lastfm (i'm not sure just how accurate the tags are since 'spoken word' can just be musicless?) whatever... if anyone gets time and wants to check it out here's the link http://www.last.fm/listen/artist/kelly%2Banne%2Bhoward/similarartists

we did a belly cast the other night. i'll post pics soon of the results. ! :D

best of thoughts, all!

live street performances

video of us playing live downtown earlier in the month. the audio sucks. you can't hear the guitars or vocals because of where she was standing when she shot the video but... whatever. still nice to share.

one of the 1st songs we did. the audio sounds a little better but i forgot my own change :d know it now, though! :) all in fun.


long time no post

been awhile since i posted. sorry! so much has happened.

pregnancy has really thrown me for a loop. i was super nauseated for the 1st 3 months. now, it's only when i sleep (thank goodness!). the dreams i have every night are amazingly vivid and cinematic. i pee every 30 minutes :o, my gums are bleeding, the slightest thing sends me to bed for a week to recover. and my hormones have me so crazy and UNfun to be around i had to export myself to my mom's for care... after, i quit my job (of course :S) i sorta feel like i'm getting a better grip on things now. but, we'll see. as soon as i think i've become accustomed to the symptoms they go a' changin' into something else.

but, at the moment... i'm happy. yay! i'm baking a marble cake and lemon cupcakes for my b-day bash tonight. the new bike i just bought that was stolen from my carport got replaced by a wonderful, generous stranger and i'm feeling very appreciative. we're buying a more practical car for the baby tomorrow and older ford taurus. i had a '93 my grandmother had gifted me in the early 2000's and the car literally saved my life. i had it 3 months before someone crashed into me sending me flying in reverse, 70 mph on a very high, very long bridge in clearwater, fl. very lucky, i am... so much so a lot of the time it's so hard for me to believe that i survived that accident... i think this all must be a dream.

and may the dream unfold to encompass all that for which i had wished!

much love to all.
more later :)

hey lj! :)

it's been forever since i've blogged. ! and even though, i don't have oodles of time, at the moment, i think it's the time to put a little love into lj.

so much has been going on... adrian started his own small business making/selling little boats, fixing small craft, engine maintenance, etc. i have been working on two albums that are almost ready to release- a spoken word album and a new age/instrumental one. i'm at the point where i'm about to do the art for the covers et al and then it's done. the only thing i'd like to do is purchase a nice bass drum mic and add those tracks to all of the songs. i'm just not satisfied with my current kick sound.

on some crappier news... i purchased an amazing guitar from ebay seagull s6 + cw with fishman electronics and didn't have the money to get it set up until yesterday. well... turns out the guitar has a bowed neck. how i didn't notice that (i will be kicking myself for a LONG time) i don't know... it's unfixable. i can't play it the way it is, i thought the action was just ridiculous but the guy had done that to the action to make it playable with a bowed neck. he must've kept it in a humidified room in some jacked up position for years. the kicker... he left christian tablature in the case when he shipped it. that ain't real christian to sell a f*cked up guitar, Sir. nope. that's not what Jesus would do... i don't think anyway. so, my options there are kinda limited. the 600 dollar guitar goes to 75 very quickly. i'm going to try and trade it out in a pawn shop i don't frequent. i can't sell it to another person but i can trade in a pawn shop, that way the person who would buy it from them can SEE the bow before they buy it.

sucks because i bought it do my folk cd. which... ain't gonna be made anytime soon until i can get a quality acoustic to use. my ovation just doesn't produce the sound i'd like to hear on a folk album. i'm trying REAL hard to vibe a free/afforable larrivee. i'd appreciate any thoughts anyone could spare to help vibe that up too! just a moment to think, 'free/afforable larrivee with electronics to kelly'. and my chances will spiral! :) thanks if you do!

the weather is cold. but, i don't think i should complain about that seeing as though most of everyone else is MUCH colder. so... here's to spring wishes! :D

i'm searching for a new used car again. which... is so UNfun. it'd be soooo much more fun to shop for a NEW new car, you know? less slime involved... well, maybe the same amount of slime but the ride is so much better!

oh. ! i got a gig playing at the artwalk for a art show in april. it happened RIGHT after i finished telling my friend that i wasn't going to be playing out because i wanted to focus on finishing the albums and getting them out, etc. ironic. my friend called and offered me the gig and it's a paying gig... how can i turn that down? but then... i realized, i'z got a LOT o practicing to do! 'cuz it doesn't pay much and if i ask others to play with me i have to share the money and i'm taking the night off of work to do it... actually, loosing money but i'd sooooooooooo much rather play music than go to work. who wouldn't? i'm thinking i'm going to utilize the line 6 and the looper so i can get a plethora of sounds. the only issue is the looper doesn't have multiple patches so changing up the dynamics is more limited but who knows... maybe by then i'll scrape up the money for a boss rc 50 or i'll borrow my buddy's rc 20 and i'll use 2 of those. that would definitely work.

this is why i don't blog so much anymore... it kind of turns into me thinking out loud instead of reflecting and analyzing or sharing, explaining, etc.

lately... i bore me.

gotta go to work!
much love! :D