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long time no post

been awhile since i posted. sorry! so much has happened.

pregnancy has really thrown me for a loop. i was super nauseated for the 1st 3 months. now, it's only when i sleep (thank goodness!). the dreams i have every night are amazingly vivid and cinematic. i pee every 30 minutes :o, my gums are bleeding, the slightest thing sends me to bed for a week to recover. and my hormones have me so crazy and UNfun to be around i had to export myself to my mom's for care... after, i quit my job (of course :S) i sorta feel like i'm getting a better grip on things now. but, we'll see. as soon as i think i've become accustomed to the symptoms they go a' changin' into something else.

but, at the moment... i'm happy. yay! i'm baking a marble cake and lemon cupcakes for my b-day bash tonight. the new bike i just bought that was stolen from my carport got replaced by a wonderful, generous stranger and i'm feeling very appreciative. we're buying a more practical car for the baby tomorrow and older ford taurus. i had a '93 my grandmother had gifted me in the early 2000's and the car literally saved my life. i had it 3 months before someone crashed into me sending me flying in reverse, 70 mph on a very high, very long bridge in clearwater, fl. very lucky, i am... so much so a lot of the time it's so hard for me to believe that i survived that accident... i think this all must be a dream.

and may the dream unfold to encompass all that for which i had wished!

much love to all.
more later :)


pregnancy, car

Congrats again on your pregnancy. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

I'm glad you survived that terrible car accident. *hugs* I hope you find a good car for the baby.

Happy Birthday! May all your birthday wishes come true =)

Re: pregnancy, car

thanks so much! and i'm glad i'm feeling better too! :)

best of wishes to you on all days! :D

Re: pregnancy, car

Awww, thanks hun =)
wow... I AM behind on YOU.


We got married 2 weeks ago!
CONGRATULATIONS, William!!! :D that's so awesome!!!

October 2011

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